Archive for August, 1996

The Nutty Professor

Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi View Trailer Grossly overweight yet good-hearted professor Sherman Klump takes a special chemical that turns him into the slim but obnoxious Buddy Love.

The Cable Guy

Comedy, Drama, Thriller View Trailer A lonely and mentally disturbed cable guy raised on television just wants a new friend, but his target, a designer, rejects him, with bad consequences.

Happy Gilmore

Comedy, Sport View Trailer A rejected hockey player puts his skills to the golf course to save his grandmother’s house.

Marvin’s Room

Drama View Trailer After 20 years caring for her father, woman with cancer now must re-connect with her trashy sister and nephews she’s never met after being diagnosed. Her love helps the angry teen nephew, and her sister learns to relate to people.

Romeo + Juliet

Drama, Romance View Trailer Shakespeare’s famous play is updated to the hip modern suburb of Verona still retaining its original dialogue.

Everyone Says I Love You

Comedy, Musical, Romance View Trailer A New York girl sets her father up with a beautiful woman in a troubled marriage while her stepsister gets engaged.