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Micmacs (Micmacs à tire-larigot)

Comedy | Crime View trailer A man and his friends come up with an intricate and original plan to destroy two big weapons manufacturers.

Pregnancy Pact

Biography, Drama View Trailer Inspired by the true story of teenagers at Gloucester (Mass.) High School who agreed to get pregnant at the same time.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Action | Adventure | Comedy | Fantasy | Romance View trailer #3 View trailer #3 [low quality] View trailer #2 View trailer #2 [low quality] View trailer View “A look inside” View featurette Scott Pilgrim must defeat his new girlfriend’s seven evil ex-boyfriends in order to win her heart.

Exit Through The Gift Shop

Documentary View trailer The story of how an eccentric French shop keeper and amateur film maker attempted to locate and befriend Banksy, only to have the artist turn the camera back on its owner with spectacular results. Billed as ‘the world’s first street art disaster movie’ the film contains exclusive footage of Banksy, Shephard Fairey, […]

My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

Comedy | Romance View trailer The story of a girl who meets her one true love… Twice

The Square

Drama | Thriller View trailer A man’s life begins to unravel when his mistress brings him a bag of cash.

Artois the Goat

Comedy View trailer Lab technician Virgil Gurdies struggles to choose between his truelove Angie and his newfound quest to create the greatest goat cheese the world has ever known.

Stolen Lives

Drama | Mystery | Thriller View trailer A detective deals with the loss of his own son while trying to uncover the identity of a boy whose mummified remains are found in a box buried for fifty years.

A Shine of Rainbows

Drama | Family View trailer A lonely orphan’s life is transformed by an extraordinary woman who teaches him to conquer grief and discover the magic in nature and himself.

Wild Grass (Les herbes folles)

Drama View trailer A wallet lost and found opens the door to romantic adventure for Georges and Marguerite. After examining the ID papers of its owner, it is not a simple matter for Georges to turn the red wallet he found in to the police. Nor is it that Marguerite can recuperate her wallet without […]