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Ride the Thunder

History View Trailer A look at Vietnam from the perspectives of a U.S. Marine adviser, and a Vietnamese Marine who was left behind.

Valley of the Sasquatch

Horror, Thriller View Trailer A fractured family battles against a tribe of angry Sasquatch.


Horror View Trailer A happy young couple welcomes their first child shortly after getting married. Their joy quickly turns to fear when the girl starts acting strangely and unexplained phenomena start happening around the house.

Curse of the Witching Tree

Horror View Trailer An innocent woman, accused of murdering her son and hanged as a witch, curses a tree and the children who play around it. The effects of this act of revenge echo through the years and centuries, and restless spirits haunt the house where the bodies of the cursed children have been buried. […]


TV Series, Sci-Fi View Trailer 2 View Trailer 1 View Teaser Trailer A young woman is recruited into a secret government agency to be “stitched” into the minds of the recently deceased, using their memories to investigate murders.


Comedy, Horror, Romance View Trailer View Clip An fancy garden party turns into upper class prey when a colony of killer wasps mutates into seven foot tall predators.

What We Did On Our Holiday

Comedy, Drama View Trailer View Clip Doug and Abi take their kids on a family vacation. Surrounded by relatives, the kids innocently reveal the ins and outs of their family life and many intimate details about their parents. It’s soon clear that when it comes to keeping a big secret under wraps from the rest […]

Sunset Edge

Drama, Mystery, Thriller View Trailer Two narratives clash violently in this meditative portrayal of disaffected youth set in a graveyard of abandoned mobile homes known as Sunset Edge. We follow a group of four aimless, suburban teenagers – they skateboard the park, sleep in the sun, and rummage through the decaying remains completely unaware that […]

The Face of an Angel

Drama View Trailer View Clip Both a journalist and a documentary filmmaker chase the story of a murder and its prime suspect.

A Walk in the Woods

Adventure, Comedy, Drama View Trailer View Featurette After spending two decades in England, Bill Bryson returns to the U.S., where he decides the best way to connect with his homeland is to hike the Appalachian Trail with one of his oldest friends.