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Antimatter Future

Documentary View Extended Trailer View Trailer 2 View Trailer Biodegradable energy can be cheap and abundant, which can lead to more efficient methods of transportation.

Life, Death and Reincarnation

TV Series, Documentary View Trailer An epic adventure that aims to unravel the mystery at the heart of our existence: the questions of our identity and our destiny.

Feeling Goode

Drama View Trailer The story of an aging baseball player, Sebastian Goode (Josef Cannon) attempting to become the 1st African American to qualify for The Tour de France in its 111 year history.

Helsing University

Horror View Trailer Students majoring in Cryptozoology (The study of Vampires) at “Helsing University” commonly known as “HEL U accidentally discover hidden mysteries that have surrounded the institution for many centuries.

Fragmented Truth

Drama View Trailer Undercover agents Israel Gutierrez (Adam Karst) and Miami Lane (Josef Cannon) sent to Sofia Bulgaria on what was believed to be a simple training mission only to find themselves at the center of high stakes corruption.

The Canals

Drama View Trailer Chronicles the journey and lives of five Individuals who are all drawn to the city of Venice by various postcards featuring “The Canals” that have impacted each of their lives.

Le jour du père

Drama, Family, Music View Trailer When Music Producer Sistine Angelo discovers that his estranged father, accomplished Jazz pianist, Winston Jones has died before they were able to reconcile. He begins to struggle with his inner turmoil, that is only heighten when given a box left behind by his Dad for him that contains items & […]

The Violators

Drama View Trailer When Shelly meets Rachel, two dysfunctional girls from radically opposed backgrounds set off on a collision course that will leave one of them shattered, the other re-born. Set in the forsaken wastelands of Cheshire’s little-seen urban overspill, The Violators charts a teenage girl’s path from battle-hardened cynicism to the hope of a […]


Horror, Mystery View Trailer View Teaser Trailer A bloodcurdling legend becomes reality when a mysterious hole opens in the main hospital of a city, and a dark presence is released.

Cementerio General 2

Horror View Trailer