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He’s Out There

Horror, Thriller View Trailer On vacation at a remote lake house, a mother and her two young daughters must fight for survival after falling into a terrifying and bizarre nightmare conceived by a psychopath.

Life And Nothing More

Drama View Trailer Standing on the edge of adulthood, Andrew yearns to find his purpose as a young African-American in today’s America. With his mother longing to find more to her life then parenting, Andrew is forced to take on the mounting pressure of family responsibility. His search for connection with an absent father, leads […]


Comedy , Drama View Trailer Middle-aged siblings feud over possession of their father’s estate in this sibling rivalry dramatic comedy.

Holmes & Watson

Adventure , Comedy , Crime View Trailer A humorous take on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic mysteries featuring Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

Await Further Instructions

Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi View Trailer It’s Christmas Day and the Milgram family wake to find a mysterious black substance surrounding their house. Something monumental is clearly happening right outside their door, but what exactly – an industrial accident, a terrorist attack, nuclear war? Descending into terrified arguments, they turn on the television, desperate for any […]

Border (Gräns)

Fantasy, Romance, Thriller View Trailer View Clip View Clip 2 After a customs officer develops a strange attraction to the suspect she’s investigating, the case’s revelations soon call into question her entire existence.

306 Hollywood

Documentary View Trailer When two siblings undertake an archaeological excavation of their late grandmother’s house, they embark on a magical-realist journey in search of what life remains in the objects we leave behind.

The Long Dumb Road

Comedy View Trailer View Trailer Two guys serendipitously meet at a time when they both find themselves at personal crossroads and decide to embark on an unplanned road trip across the American Southwest.

Trico Tri Happy Halloween

Family View Trailer A Hispanic middle-class family moves back to Miami after living in California to take care of their recently widowed Abuela. Little do they know their new house is the infamous Bradford house which is haunted by two mischievous ghosts. Hilarious situations ensue as the family settles in, romance unfolds, over-zealous ghost hunters […]

Thugs of Hindostan

Action ,Adventure View Trailer Two legends come together for a never seen before action adventure.