The Ten Commandments

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He is an ordinary man, a humble shepherd who, despite a turbulent past, has found peace in a simple life and a loving family. But the day comes when his peaceful life is shattered by the sudden awesome appearance of God, who has a mission for Moses. It’s a mission that will thrust Moses onto history’s stage and turn him from the ordinary into the extraordinary — a mighty prophet and leader of his people. Featuring the voice talents of Christian Slater, Alfred Molina, Elliott Gould and Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley, The Ten Commandments is the epic saga of an ordinary man with an extraordinary calling from God Himself to lead His people out of slavery. Depicted with a scope and grandeur made possible by 3D computer-generated animation, this story of the reluctant prophet, Moses, his often unruly followers and his fearsome enemies is told with high adventure, devotion and a gentle sense of humor.

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